The festival has created a powerful online venue for social, immersive media.

Full disclosure: the FIVARS festival is organized by the author.

In a time when attention deficit runs high and news and marketing bombard us from all sides, immersive stories have a singular ability to envelop the viewer and…

A promotional image from the film Hackers.

Design of the Times

VR is a short acronym with a lot of history, a lot of baggage and a lot of dreams, be they manifested or broken. Whether it comes from its constant dance with the military-industrial complex; broken promises of holodecks and anti-gravity skateboards from ’90s futurism; the many dystopian visions afforded…

Keram M-S

Keram Malicki-Sanchez is the executive director of the VRTO World Conference and also the FIVARS Festival of Immersive Stories.

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