The festival has created a powerful online venue for social, immersive media.

Full disclosure: the FIVARS festival is organized by the author.

In a time when attention deficit runs high and news and marketing bombard us from all sides, immersive stories have a singular ability to envelop the viewer and transmit context and culture that is so often missed. I firmly believe in nurturing the evolution of this medium, which has an enormous transformative power and untapped potential.

It is truly remarkable, the strides that panorama photography, and then video have made in less than a decade. Just a few…

A promotional image from the film Hackers.

Design of the Times

VR is a short acronym with a lot of history, a lot of baggage and a lot of dreams, be they manifested or broken. Whether it comes from its constant dance with the military-industrial complex; broken promises of holodecks and anti-gravity skateboards from ’90s futurism; the many dystopian visions afforded us by Lynch (Wild Palms), Cronenberg (eXistenz) and Leonard (Lawnmower Man), Tad Williams’ Otherland among countless others, or the entries that assume that it will come and form the foundation of our virtual beingness like Stephenson’s Snow Crash, Vinge’s Rainbow’s End, Kline’s Ready Player One and Jeff Noon’s VURT, William…

Keram M-S

Keram Malicki-Sanchez is the executive director of the VRTO World Conference and also the FIVARS Festival of Immersive Stories.

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